What is a Maker Party?

Mozilla Maker Party is a place for artists to connect with educators; for activists to trade ideas with coders; and for entrepreneurs to chat with makers. It’s a place to network, innovate and make a difference. This year, we’ll come together with this same spirit, and also with a mission — to challenge outdated copyright laws. The internet’s potential for innovation and collaboration is exceptional. But restrictive copyright laws can undermine these traits. By educating and inspiring more people to take action together, we can make a real difference.

Agenda for the Event

"Maker Parties are really incredibly unique because, there are people who wanna learn about the web, how to make a video on the web or how to make a web page - it gives them a place where they can come and do that in a hands on way."

Executive Director
Mozilla Foundation

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Venue - SRM University, Ramapuram

Address : SRM University, Bharathi Salai, Ramapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600089

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S Jayakumar

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Student Organiser
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